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U-Boat Replica Watches Star Wars Yoda SDGC013 and Star Wars C-3P0 SDGC015 WatchesLet's move on to the good guys. Yoda and C-3PO are almost identical models with 41.7mm steel case housing the same U-Boat Replica Watches 6R21 self winding movements. The dial arrangements are also identical.replica watches These timepieces are still distinctive due to the fact that they have different dial designs and case-backs.

Yoda's watch, with its light green dial and back-side and an electric green "light saber", seconds hand, is more interesting to me. The Rebel Alliance logo is located at 6 o'clock on the day indicator.

While a black-and-gold dial looks great, I don't like the combination of these colors on the watch. The Star Wars C-3PO watch is still a valuable collector's item. However, I don't think my taste makes it less valuable. These watches are limited edition of 600 pieces, and they retail for 136,500yen (about $11,750).

U-Boat Replica Watches Star Wars R2-D2 Watch (SDGA005) This is the last model in U-Boat Replica Watches's incredible collection. Star Wars R2-D2 represents the latest version of U-Boat Replica Watches’s EPD eink display watch. This digital model is a high-end, hi-end option that I reviewed while reviewing the brand’s Golgo 13 Special Edition. This timepiece uses the high-resolution active matrix display. It can show different images from the movie and also the time in 32 cities. This seems like the ideal choice for this character.

Star Wars R2-D2 watches are powered by the Caliber S770 solar quartz motion with radio correction. It was received from five stations in Japan and the USA, Germany, Britain, and probably China. The watch is made from stainless steel and measures 45.5 x 46.0 mm in size. It has sapphire crystal, and is water-resistant up to 100 meters. This attractive model will come in a series of 1000 pieces. Each will retail for 126,000 Yen, or approximately $1,620.www.joinwatch.me