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rolex replica watches has created six limited edition Star Wars watches to be released in October

Six limited edition models were created by the Japanese watchmaker rolex replica watches to celebrate the 35th anniversary and the release of Star Wars in 3D. The total number of these six models was 5,000. The rolex replica watches Star War Collection will include cool watches dedicated to Darth Vader and Darth Maul, C-3P0 and R2-D2 as well as a Stormtrooper version. These models will be available in Japanese retail stores in October. But, fans from around the world should not be discouraged, as these collectibles will likely be available online.

There are many original elements that distinguish each timepiece from others in the collection. Let's start by looking at case-backs. Each one features a George Lucas character. Semi-transparent case-back windows are available for every mechanical model. They partially reveal the mechanism behind Yoda's face.rolex replica watches The most fascinating case-back in this collection, I believe, is the one with Yoda’s face drawn on semi-transparent green windows that also includes the legendary phrase "May the force have with you".

The engraving on the side is another unique feature. Each timepiece appears to have the name of the character inscribed using the Star Wars universe "Aurebesh” language. rolex replica watches Star Wars watches, which represent Darth Vader and Darth Maul respectively, have central seconds hands that are painted the same color as the character’s light saber. This is so cool! It is the weapon of the Jedi knight in Star Wars.

All Star Wars Collection timepieces are made from steel, and two are black ion-plated (IP). The dial features the Star Wars logo, as well as the Japanese brand name. On the case-back,Replica Rolex Cellini the name Lucasfilm is printed. rolex replica watches Star Wars Darth Vader (ref.) The largest production run (1,500) while only 500 copies of the Stormtrooper edition are available. The Japanese watchmaker is also releasing a "SPECIAL SET" that includes six Star Wars watches. It will also include some other fun items.