Tucked away in a quiet corner of the forest in Southeast Kelowna you’ll find a little farm unlike any other. And you’ll find a farming family unlike any other, too.


Despite having grown up in Kelowna, over our 20-year absence my husband James and I had become consummate urbanites. We came into farming rather unexpectedly. But I’m pleased to say we’ve embraced the venture fully with head, heart and hands.


In 1990 my parents, Jake and Julie Warkentin, purchased a rural acreage dotted with pine trees and bunch grass, and gently turned it into their own farmland paradise.


Dad built rustic fences for his cattle and rustic sheds for his antiques. Following the natural contours of the forest, mom sculpted a garden oasis that blends seamlessly with its surroundings. Together they built a beautiful log home that cradled countless gatherings of friends and family over the years.


This labour of love was intended to be a place for them to live out their years when they retired. Sadly, mom passed away unexpectedly in 2010, and dad passed four short years later.


And the little farm was passed to me, James and our two daughters, Olive and Charlotte.


James and I packed up our life in Vancouver’s urban jungle and moved to a rural one. And so the adventures began…


Over the years we’d helped with chores on the property during our holiday visits, and glimpsed the machinations of day-to-day operations. Faced with the prospect of ‘flying solo’, however, we had to admit that what we knew about farming could be put in a thimble and you’d still have room for a finger.


But we did know two important things:


  • We couldn’t let this labour of love pass to a stranger’s hands.
  • We had an opportunity to create a lifestyle for our daughters that would be healthy, sustainable, and incredibly unique.


And we’re happy to share it with you. Whether you want to peruse the vast collection of antique farm equipment, commune with the cattle and chickens, buy produce from our vegetable patch or tie the knot, you’re welcome to come visit us.


Kristi, James, Olive & Charlotte Caldwell

Julie & Jake
Julie & Jake
Kristi & James
Kristi & James
Charlotte & Olive
Charlotte & Olive